Sunday, July 22, 2012

the gifting of Music

there was a time, not so long, when musicians
were not really welcome in polite society.

many people, including the parents of teen-age
girls and boys, thought musicians were all bums!

lazy,unemployed neer-do-wells, given to eating
or drinking anything they could lay their hands on...
and trying to lay anyone those hands could reach!

like many stereotypes, this one
actually had some
basis in fact... but the times they were a'changing!

today, more and more people understand
that musicians are actually less of a threat
to our social fabric than say, lawyers or
priests or investment counselors.

as we stand on the brink of our planetary twenty-teens,
more and more people in towns and cities everywhere
are not ashamed to say "hey, man- some of my best
friends are musicians!

but as the idea that musicians truly are demi-productive
members of society ascends, new challenges arise.

for example, if you're not a player, gifting a musician
on their "special day" can seem like a challenge.

gone are the days when a case of Kraft dinner,
a carton of smokes or some oral sex could get you through...

fortunately, as modern music has increasingly become
the intellectual
private property of trans-national corporations,
the pursuant possibilities for enhancing revenues have received
some long overdue attention.

North American entrepreneurs and Chinese industrial leaders
are making their own beautiful music together.
now, there's almost too many nichey gifts to choose from!

in The Gifting of Music, we want to expose you to some
of the many great gifting opportunities for the musicians
in your life.

so grab a VISA card and click me now to find
a groovy gift for...  My Friend, the Guitar Player!

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