Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Even great artists make mistakes...

... and when those mistakes involve an album cover,
         those mistakes live on forever.

here are a few, along with some snippets
from the minutes of the meetings where
they were presented.

i think after this one we should look
at taking some time off, Tori...

it's going to break you into a whole new market, Rocky.

sorry, i still don't get it. explain to me again
why we're hiding the sweater puppies?

oh, Todd. Todd, Todd, Todd...

i'm not sure about volume 2, Cllint.
let's see how this one does.

there's no upside here, Joe.

just tell me Johnny... how many a day?

why, Marcel? why?

fine, whatever you want, Sweet Daddy.
but no cowboy hat until you put the desk down.

we're going with Hillbilly pride on this one, Roy.

i don't think this will help shift any units, Yoko.
that's all i'm saying

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