Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Music & books

music, books and young, impressionable minds...

as history has shown, it's a dangerous combination.

+ roll
+ dope
x the need for kicks

= real gone guys

those disco dykes are bad news, mate.

note how careless they are with
what could one day be priceless collectables!

strangely, Ted Nugent remains illiterate.

reis ipsi loquitar.

within a few years, there would be Sex Pistols.

note the sax and double bass
helping to warp her desires.

folksinging? say no more.

hell. kind of covers it.

need a title for your 'hit song'?

jazz is all about sin, isn't it?


blues is not just music, you know.

looks like that jazz guy again.

bongos. right...


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