Thursday, July 26, 2012

gifting for Guitar players

the first thing you have to remember when gifting
a guitarist is that people who play the guitar are
almost always creative and artistic.

they also have this tendency to break things.

that's why this coffee mug is so perfect!

time is very important to guitar players.
most of them anyway. they're always "coming
in on the one" and wondering how long til their
next solo or "when's this stupid "gig" over?"...

so you can never go wrong giving them a timepiece,
especially when it's as groovy and super-cute
as this little ticker-tocker!

and it's a funny thing, but even if they've just
started learning how to play, a surprising number
guitar players already believe they are Rock Stars.

...which makes these sunglasses a real no-brainer!

and we all know, the history of Rock Stars makes
it perfectly clear that only lead singers get
to drop their pants.

... so you can kill two birds with one stone
by gifting them with this gorgeous belt buckle!

sweet. but what if your special friend isn't a rock star?
what if they play an acoustic guitar, you ask...
no problem. we've got your back.

acoustic players tend to be less outgoing than their
electric cousins... not so "showy".  so you might
want to think about a nice book, or maybe an electric
trimming device for nose hairs.

but if you want something more "musical",
then check this out!

it might look like just another non-electric guitar
to you, but this lapel pin is actually a scale model
of Martin D-45.
you may think "so what", but to
an acoustic guitar player it's a pretty big deal.

it's also much more affordable than the
Martin D-18
lapel pin, which will set you back about twenty grand US.

and for that kind of money, you could buy
more than a hundred of these! 

who ever said going to the toilet couldn't be cool?
it comes in super-hygienic white acoustic
or rootsy natural...

don't worry - there's also an electric version
for those "rock stars"!

hope these suggestions help you make that special day
for your special guitar player really special.

back soon with more groovy gift ideas
for the musical people in your life!


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