Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Russian guitars

Russians are not like us.

They make a boat, it's the size of a housing project
and it's got 8 jet engines on it.

They make a crematorium, they market
it in a very special way.

Their helicopters are beyond funky.

and Russian women?


it stands to reason that when some Russians decided
to make electric guitars, those guitars would not be
like the others.


cool? or what?

i would love to start a band where everybody played
Russian guitars and bass and drums. run them out
thru some 1960s public school PA gear.
do some Ramones covers.
maybe some Buzzcocks.
some Demics.

and originals too.
perhaps for a female lead singer.
from Omsk or maybe Yakutsk.
cool? or what?

these rule the cool before you even plug them in.
add sound, and the sky's the limit.

i mean c'mon. even their electric mandolins are hot.


take a chance. click some links...

Soviet-era USSR Aelita-2 guitar by Rostov

Soviet-era Armenian electric mandolin

and if you really want to get lost somewhere new...


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