Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weird, really weird guitars

When one considers that the electric guitar dominated popular
music for about 50 years, it's not surprising that there are guitars
out there that are ...well... pretty weird.

...and when one considers that no genre of popular music
has been so "guitar-oriented" as metal, one might even
look at some of there and go "hey, that makes sense...".

like, in a quantum universe, it's inevitable that someone would think
about a Flying V and say "I've got a better idea!"

even if they didn't.


a guitar in the shape of a saxophone?
how cool is that?

 well, not very....

Angels? not really my thing,
but hey... follow your bliss.

and if the choice is between an Angel guitar and a bed pan
with pretend bullet holes guitar?

i'll take a banjo.

and if the choice is between an Angel guitar
and a Buttmaster?

i'll take a kazoo.

but if you think it can't get worser or weirder,
you are sooooo wrong.

Das is der Wangcaster!

but wait- it gets worse.
i mean better.

no i don't.

i mean worse.

that's right. it's a pee guitar.

you can solo while you pee.
i guess.

but of all the weird guitars in the world that i have seen,
this one is the wierdest...

and not, for me, in a good way...

and you know there are lots more
where these came from....


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