Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Great Guitar sites

   Junk Guitars

Feeling nostalgic for your first guitar, that barely playable piece
of crapola with action you could measure in inches? Desperately
trying to find some information about that bizarre obscurity
you found at the flea market?

Had enough of vintage guitar "investors" rehashing the same
ten models over and over? Stay a while, read the stories,
look at the pictures.
Cheap, trashy, cheesy guitars rule!


I'm not sure I would call the Gibson SG "the greatest guitar
ever made
" but it's one of my faves for sure. In the right
hands, it can own a room
and the hands I've seen it in
include Pete Townsend,
Tony Iommi, Joey Shithead
and David Lester

If an SG has rocked your word, this site will fascinate.
If you think it is the greatest, this is your nirvana.

    Vintage Guitars

Guitars? Oh yes, they have guitars- Fender, Gretsch, Vox,
Harmony and many, many more. But they also have...
basses, amps, effects pedals and the
vintage catalogues.
They even have sound clips of these bad boys.

What more do you need?


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