Friday, December 28, 2012

Lost Acoustics - an intro

One of the best things about not being in the music business
anymore is the chance to really listen to music again.

I appreciate this might sound a little strange,
but it's true.

As a music professional, it was generally expected that I should be some kind of current in a dozen or so fashionable genres at any given time.
Agents and 'artists' expected me to respond literately
to their questions in regard to whatever product they had
sent, and to lie convincingly about how brilliant it was
and how deeply I had been moved by it.
I had to listen to a lot of music whether I was interested in it or not.

This meant almost all the listening hours in my day - or week or month or year - were first and foremost about "work music", and less and less about music I already liked every year.

Now that I'm not a music professional, I only listen to music for pleasure... and what a pleasure it is!

In all of this orgy of aural duty and pleasure, one of the things I've become very aware of is the devolution of the acoustic landscape.

Listening to contemporary music, I'm struck by what i'm just not hearing anymore.

that's what Lost Acoustics is going to be about...

stay tuned.

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