Monday, December 31, 2012

iPod uPod wePod yPod

Remember when iPods first came out?

It was like one night you went to sleep and everything
was more or less normal, and when you
woke up
the next day
, every flat surface in the city
was covered with these things....

The Trend iPod Built - The iPod Silhouette

The famous commercial for the iPod began with a person
dancing, in shadow, against a brilliant colored background.
The silhouette boogied to music while holding an iPod and
listening to the tunes through the iconic earbuds, which
appeared in white on the ads, so they stood out from the
dancer and the background. The sight became so common
that it soon had its own name: The Silhouette.

December 1, 2005
How much do all those iPod commercials cost?

It's a bundle. Apple Computer spent $287 million
on advertising in its last fiscal year, up nearly 40
percent from the $206 million it spent a year earlier.
And the company spent $193 million in the year before
that, according to its annual report, filed Thursday
with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

... from Steve Jobs' biography

"I had this crazy idea that we could sell just as many Macs
by advertising the iPod. In addition, the iPod would position
Apple as evoking innovation and youth. So I moved $75
million of advertising money to the iPod, even though
the category didn't justify one hundreth of that.

That meant that we completely dominated the market
for music players. We outspent everybody by a factor
of about a hundred."

Apple's Iconic Ads

From its groundbreaking Super Bowl spot in 1984
to the iconic "silhouette" iPod ads, the company has
developed a knack for keeping its finger on the pulse
of what's interesting, quirky and cool.

"The quality of Apple's advertising is consistently above
average," said Allen Adamson, managing director of the
New York offices of brand consultancy Landor Associates.
"And more often than not, it's world class."

Apple's ads are powerful in part because they all
reinforce the same branding message. Apple prides itself
on appealing to the discerning customer, the person who,
as one slogan famously had it, thought differently. And
that message--of creativity, counterculture and good
taste--is one that Apple has portrayed consistently
in its advertising for the past 30 years.

the iPod is still useful to Apple... it serves as a gateway
to its brand, and more importantly, its ecosystem
of products.

Crupnick and NPD have found that the iPod and iPod
Touch are far more popular among children 14 and younger
than the iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones.

In total, about 28% of U.S. households surveyed by NPD
say their children use iPods and iPod Touches regularly,
compared to 7.4% for iPhone and 7.5% for iPad. The iPod
Touch is particularly popular among those at the upper
end of that age bracket.

Not everyone liked the Ipod or how successful the ad
campaign was, especially in those key demographics.
According to the music industry, every time someone
bought an iPod, somewhere a fairy got its wings
ripped out with a vise-grips.

"Apple's "biggest" iPod holds 40,000 songs. Assuming one
bought them all, that's about $40,000. Teenagers (and
many who once were) all over the world are walking
around with the equivalent of a stolen Lexus in their
pockets** (because really, who has $40 grand to spend
on music?).

Do you think that's right?
Do you think we should ignore that?
Do you think we should blame car dealers
if they or their trade association tried to stop that?"

**Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening!

Apple’s New ‘Music’ App Replaces ‘iPod’
… and Deletes Music?

After our arduous iOS 5 upgrade, during which our iPhone
was bricked we noticed that Apple’s deletion of the word
“iPod” from the iPhone was accompanied by another,
more confusing deletion: of our music.

I can’t remember how many songs were stored
on my iPhone, but with this update to iOS 5,
they’re deleted (see screenshot to the right),
even after all of the syncing I’ve done –
which was a lot.

Apple managed to restore my apps even after
my iPhone was unable to boot up for hours
yesterday afternoon… so why not the music?

This will likely remain a mystery, because it’s
notoriously difficult to receive answers from Apple
about this sort of thing. But we noticed it, so there it is:
The iOS 5 update deletes music, or at least it did in
our case, and we don’t know why.

Apple running embedded exploding,
bouncing iPod ads on websites

Apple recently debuted a TV ad for the iPod that is
now hitting websites, according to a report in 9to5 Mac.
The embedded web ad features a bunch of iPods bouncing
and exploding all over your screen with the very catchy
tune "Yeah Yeah" from Willy Moon.

The ad was spotted on indie music review site,
which has run custom Apple ads in the past.

the Scots, of course, always
have to go their own way...

How to Remove or Block iAd advertisements
from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps

iAd gives brands what they’ve been waiting for:
Access to the global audience of iPhone and iPod
touch users. Enhanced Targeting. Premium creative.
Robust measurement.

Companies love advertising methods to promote
their businesses, but end users sometimes find it
annoying. Since Apple has included iAd in the iOS,
users have been searching for a solution to
block these ads.

iAd Advertisements appearing in iPhone apps are
indeed very annoying. Disabling or removing the iAd
in iPhone or iPod Touch apps is very easy. Yllier the
developer of Firewall IP has created a tweak that
removes the Apple iAd advertisement from the
Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Just follow the instructions to disable iAds from applications.


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