Friday, November 23, 2012

Your Band is Your Brand!

Long before "branding" became the high holy buzz
word among the MBA set, it was a fait accompli
in cultural zones- none more so than music.

In 1969, Mick Jagger - CEO of Rolling Stones Inc -
went down to the Royal College of Art in search
of a new look for the band and a few weeks later,
John Pasche delivered the “The Tongue”.

It was inspired in part by an image of the goddess Kali
favoured by Mr. Jagger, but the primary influence
was Mr. Pasche's first impression of Mr. Jagger.

“It symbolized freedom,rebellion
and, of course,there is a sexual connotation.”

The brief had included a fee of £50, but the Stones
were so pleased with it they later added another £200.

The Tongue was originally the logo for the band's
new record label, and it first appeared on
the Stone's album Sticky Fingers...

Soon, it became an integral element in all of their
marketing and merchandise and over the years,
it's become synonymous with the band.

The tongue and lips logo is among the 13 live trademarks owned
in both the UK and the US by Musidor BV,
the Stones’ Dutch-based company.

In the UK, it is registered in sound and video devices,
paper articles, shaped pieces and patches and clothing.

In August 2006, records released in the Netherlands
revealed that the band had earned $450 million since
moving its commercial operations to that country in 1972.

Pasche received royalties on the design for a number of years,
and would go on to design tour posters and other materials
for the Stones in the years to come.

He recently sold the original art to the Victoria and Albert Museum
for more than £50,000.

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