Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Go See the Beatles Live!

Long after they'd finished their last concert tour,
the Beatles were still making albums and releasing singles...
so much so that it's easy to forget that they were once
a rocking little combo!

They honed their chops playing sleazy bars in Germany-

When they returned to their home base in Liverpool,
they were ready to rock.

It was the dawn of rock, the music that would soon rule
the stages and airwaves- but it didn't happen overnight.
As the Beatles began their ascendancy, they were just
one more entertainment option at venues where music
hall singers, cross-dressing comedians and pantomime
ponies could also be found.

Of course, the Fab Four were exciting,
dynamic and fabulous...

as well as sensational, reliable purveyors of music
for dancing by teens and twenties.

Once they had conquered their own green and verdant
land, they set out to storm the colonies.

Thrice would they tour in the US and Canada, and thrice
would hordes of young women respond with unprecedented
public displays of weeping and wailing and transports of
rapture that would come to be diagnosed as Beatlemania.

Toronto was one of the few cities where they would
appear three times, live onstage at the gone-but-not-forgotten
temple of sport and culture, Maple Leaf Gardens.

Two shows... with ticket prices ranging from $4 to $5.50.
Anyone familiar with Gardens would certainly have
recommended spending the extra buck and a half-
those grey seats were really "up there".

Here are the lads being fab at the Gardens...

and here is a young woman suffering from Beatlemania
being escorted to a care station. i'm sure she felt she
had received good value for entertainment dollar.

learn more about those crazy times at these fine sites!




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