Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roscoe Holcomb

who's Roscoe Holcomb?

let's start with this...
have you ever heard the phrase
"high, lonesome sound"?

Roscoe is the man that was first described
as having it, by John Cohen

Why was it you stopped playing music for a while?

     They (Baptists) seemed to think it was wrong.  I used to think it was too.  I get disgusted with it yet, cause I try and try and it don’t seem I’m doing good at it, and get disgusted and think sometimes I’ll quit anyway.  I like it and I don’t like it;  I love to hear it and I love to play sometimes, but after so long a time I get burned out with it.  Long as I’m able to work and do, it ain’t so bad – been used to it all my life.  When I can’t do nothing it worries me and you don’t feel like playing anymore.

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with Mr. Holcomb here:

- 30 -


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