Monday, November 5, 2012

Music is easy - you can do it!

Time was ads like these were common as muck.
You would see them in all kinds of magazines
and even comic books...

There's a 'can-do' attitude inside of every one
of these that's slipped away now, just like these ads.

Like so many things from the not-so-distant past,
these seem to be dipped in sweetness, in nostalgia...
redolent of a time when there was time.

But there's going on than that, i think.

The element that first attracted me to them
was the way the word "easy" kept coming up ...

There's no denying that these ads were created
and placed to sell things
. They are part of a larger
music industry.

But is it just because i am a hopeless romantic that
i think these
commodities are somehow different

from so many
s that industry seeks to sell us all -
the recordings, the key chains, the coffee cups et al?

i think so.

These ads, these products come with the potential
of making music. Not simply consuming it.  

If i'm nostalgic for anything,
it's that... 


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