Monday, June 25, 2012

Classic posters

of the many printers and designers cranking out posters for gigs,
one would come to be synonymous with this classic style...

Hatch Show Prints

two bucks to see Bob Dylan all up close and unplugged...
of course, two bucks was a lot of money then.

then, more people started taking drugs.

Bill Graham would ultimately commission hundreds of posters
for gigs at the Fillmore Ballrooms, the Avalon and elsewhere.
you can see them (and many more) at
Classic Posters

sometimes, nobody would need
a poster to remember...

i was working nights as a janitor when i was sixteen
and i got home late most nights. when the local radio
station ran a contest to win tickets to see the Stones
at Maple Leaf Gardens, i was well-positioned
to phone in and win.

it was brilliant. they were touring behind Sticky Fingers.
Stevie Wonder opened. it may be one more reason
why i have always loved this poster.

then came the Pistols,
and nothing
would ever be the same again.

great posters are still being made. it's not rocket science.
all it takes is for a band or a presenter to think
that what you're doing and the way you represent
is important. some do. some don't

but when the music's over, what else is left
to remember it by?


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