Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the American Folk Blues Festival

...when it comes to selling tickets
and/or recordings, the guitar is to
folk music as the babe in a bikini is
to mufflers or  guns. the guitar is
an instrument... an archetype...
a shape... a flag... a signifier...
and in the wrong hands,
a terrifying cliche.

meet the American Folk Blues Festival. 
Meet artist Gunter Kaiser,
in who's hands the guitar became
an amazing canvas for drawing
people's attention to one of the
most profound sounds
of the 20th century.




...i can't think of another organization
presenting folk music that manged
to create such a consistent, coherent
and artistically powerful visual
representation during the 60s
and 70s, even into the 80s.

it announced the festival to potential
ticket buyers, and recycled into album
cover art as music from the festivals
was recorded and released each year. 

learn more about Gunter and the festival here

hear some of the music here

more about the project here and here...


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