Sunday, August 30, 2015

Scene at Live Music Venues

Live music is an amazing thing to share with other people,
but bringing people and music together is not an easy way
to make a living. Whether you are working the door, the bar,
the mixing board, stage crew or actually performing onstage,
you will encounter people acting like assholes.

That's why people make signs like these...

Every venue should have a sign like this
hanging in a prominent place.

Right on, Mr. Rollins.

When I was booking a music festival, I made up a sign for the crew
working the evening concert stage that said|:
"To the best crew in live music- I can always find another band,
but I could never find another crew this good.
Mad love and big respect from your Artistic Director".

I signed it and framed it and they hung it up
where they met with the bands to go over their stage plots.
They said it helped.

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