Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Big Stars going thru Big Changes

Big music stars are just like the rest of us-
as they grow and mature into Major Artists,
they go thru changes walking down the road of life.

As their careers span the decades, it's possible
to look back and see more clearly the phases
of their artistic evolution...

David Lee Roth
the "It's My Band, Man" years

Jeff Beck
the "Available for Weddings
& Corporate Functions" years

the Allman Brothers
the "Be My Beatles" years

George Harrison
the "Scary Old Guy in the Park" years

Mel Tillis
the "Clint/Caan" years

Mick Ronson
the "Gay Caballero" years

Rod Stewart
the "Love Me in Latex" years

Ted Nugent
the "Gaylord" years

Ted Nugent
the "Manscaping Pioneer" years

Eddie Rabbit
the "Che" years

Ronnie Milsap
the "Stevie Ray Wonder" years

Ronnie Milsap
the "Trans" years

Bob Dylan
the "I serve Lord Satan" years


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